This week has been full of school and team spirit ! 🙂 Last Friday our school put together a first ever pep rally. Together we celebrated our academic teams, artistic teams, and our sports teams. It makes you realize how diverse a school really is. Everyone in our school dressed in school colors, wore team uniforms, and showed off our school spirit. Our competitive cheer leading team also preformed, which I have proudly been a part of for the last two years. Our team isn’t even a team, were a family. And this weekend truly proved it.

We competed in the NLCA Competitive Cheer leading Provincials in St.John’s this past weekend. Where our team captured a gold in dance squad, and a silver in the cheerleading proportion. The last few weeks we have been practicing up to 16 hours a week, and it was worth every single second. Our team captain Angie Vokey, along with our assistant coaches Megan Reves, Jessica Kenny, Shauna Guy, and Michelle Piercey and our head coach Kim Siese, spent many hours coaching us into the athletes we are today. This weekend wouldn’t be possible without them. Also I would like to give a huge congratulations to Shelby Millwater who was chosen as our MVP. Shelby put in so much work this year and improved so much, she truly deserved it. People ask you so many times when your involved with cheerleading, is it worth it? you spent so many hours working to preform for 3 minutes. It is so much more then that three minute performance, anyone who has been involved with it can tell you, its completely different then any other sport. There is no feeling in the world that can compare to the moment when you finally nail a lift or get you splits. Not even scoring in basketball or destroying a spike in volleyball, trust me, it’s different. When your part of a cheerleading team, it’s not a team. It’s a family. You win together you lose together.You work as a team the whole year. No matter what is going wrong in your life when you step out onto the mats, it all goes away. I know I can speak on behalf of the whole Cheerleading Team when I say I can’t wait till next year. It’s going to be a cheerleading year better then any other.

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