I first became involved with pageants a year ago. Its kind of a funny story actually. Every year the cheerleaders along with Mrs. Debbie Ball, Mrs Kim Siese, and Mrs. Dorthy Pretty put off the annual Miss Grand-Falls Windsor. Last year they were looking for a few extra people to go in it. At first I never really considered it. I was like a lot of people, I never thought of myself as a stereotypically pageant contestant. For those of you who don’t know me, I live on a farm, I’m highly into sports and I don’t care what others think of me. I’m quarky, I’m all smiles and I wouldn’t change any of that for the world. And because of all that I assumed that I would never be able to do that. Finally I decided to do it. If nothing, it would be a new experience. I soon discovered that everything I thought it would be, wasn’t even close. As soon as I stepped on the stage for business wear something just clicked. All the nerves went away and I feel in love with that moment. And then we did formal wear, there’s something about having your hair and make up done, and walking out on stage in a dress, feeling so elegant, that I couldn’t help. Luckily even though I tripped on my way to the interview (which I seem to do a lot now) some how I got second runner up. I was so proud of myself, I hung up my sash on my wall and its still there today. A few weeks after MGF-W, I was sitting in my desk at school and they announced that they had applications for Miss Teen Central Newfoundland, I instantly knew I wanted to do it. I had to. A few weeks later I was notified of my acceptance, now I had the task of looking for a dress. I ended up getting a light flamingo pink one, that I instantly fell in love with.

Then the day came, I remember driving out to Gander so nervous. But yet I was so excited, new people to meet, the chance to get back on stage, and something about it just seemed right. The night of the competition I stumbled in the opening number and in the business wear. But some how or another I ended up coming out with two awards and the crown. I won Most Photogenic and People’s Choice. And then the title I just remember hearing Sarah Green (Miss Newfoundland and Labrador at the time) say Miss Teen Central Newfoundland is ……..Emily Bland. All I scene was my family jumping out of their seats, I swear for that moment my little cousin looked taller then the rest of my family because she jumped so high. I started to cry, I really couldn’t control it. It was defiantly one of those moments that I will never forget. Especially because I later found out that my crown was on squish. It took a while for it to set in. I would spend hours just staring at my crown. I have never felt so proud of myself in my life then I did in that moment.

By winning Miss Teen Central I got the opportunity to compete in Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador. Isabelle and Chris Fry have done an amazing job putting off this pageant for 15 years, and this year it would be on NTV. MTNL made me realize how much I could do we had a busy schedule and with 4 giggly girls in a room we tended not to get much sleep. But yet somehow on Sunday night I wasn’t tired at all. I found myself tripping in my interview and business wear again this time. So now my formal wear is my favourite because I tend not to trip (knock on wood). I ended up placing second runner up, I was shocked, I never expected to make it past top ten, there were so many amazing girls. Anyone could have won.

About a week later I found out that I had the chance of a life to, to compete in Miss Teen Canada-World. This is the biggest national pageant in Canada. I remember reading the letter from Chris Fry, it was early on a Sunday morning. I danced around the house for hours, and ran in and told my mom and dad and they were just as proud. I woke up so many people that morning. My excitement really couldn’t be contained. And it still hasn’t. I spent three days going to Toronto and London looking for that perfect dress. And when I found it, it was like a wedding or grad dress, you just knew. So that’s where I am now. Completely ecstatic, I’m going to Miss Teen Canada-World. And I’m sure it will be an amazing experience I will never forget.

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    Hey check out Lushhouse to see my post on the show.

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