Not So Bland


Are you ever stuck at home, bored? Nothing interesting on T.V.? The only thing you can find is T.V. shows about the ‘perfect’ Barbie dolls and the rich and famous. Well all your T.V. blues, and problems are solved. Make way for the new break away show, “Not So Bland“. This show took the North American broadcasters by storm. The name Emily Bland has become a house hold name. It overcame the stereotypes against Newfoundland and Labradoreans. And truly proved that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you have a dream, and your willing to fight for it, you can do it. New York Times describe it as “truly inspiring for the youth of North America”. With over 10 million viewers, “Not So Bland” has taken the world by storm.

Not So Bland, stars a 17 year old, home town girl named Emily Bland. Emily lives in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and shows what life truly is like as a Newfie girl with big dreams. She dreams of being a role model, and proving that it doesn’t matter if you live on a farm, or in Newfoundland and Labrador making it big in the pageant world. But her dreams are continuously put on hold with her busy life. Emily and her family live on a farm, and with the constant need for help with the chickens, horses, and cows, Emily is always the first person called. Especially when her parents are out of town. On top of the farm Emily also has a passion for sports. As a member of the basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, floor hockey, and competitive cheerleading team, she spends over 20 hours in the gym a week. Battling back from countless injuries and disagreements with team members, Emily refuses to let any of it hold her back. With provincial basketball tryouts just around the corner, a injured shoulder, weak ankles, and a mother with the goal of not letting her tryout, is there any chance of her making it?

Emily also balances volunteer coaching basketball and volleyball, with her two jobs, writing for the Advertiser, and coaching soccer. Which isn’t that easy when you have to please your parents with a 90 or higher average and sports and a farm. With no time as it is she is also in piano and is a member of countless school groups. This takes a huge toll on her social life. Being from a town where everyone knows everything. So being the only person who lives on a farm…life isn’t that easy. She was bullied since she was a kid for her head strong and quarky personality. Life isn’t easy for this 17 year old brown haired girl.

Life was about to change though. With the encouragement of a few teachers and her best friend. Emily decides to enter the Miss Grand Falls-Windsor Pageant. With a shocked family who support her, Emily embraces the stage of her home town. The judges fell in love with her quarky personality and ability to be so real. Capturing 2nd runner up, even after two trips, Emily for the first time ever felt a sense of accomplishment. The ambitious teenager wanted more, she loved the feeling it brought to her, and the amazing self confidence. She had caught the pageant bug. Competing in the Miss Teen Central Newfoundland pageant she captured the title and a gallon of tears. Life was never going to be the same. As she travelled the region she met many amazing peoples and had many amazing times. This farm girl was realizing her dreams. She was ready for provincials where she gained the title second runner up, and the chance to go to Miss Teen Canada-World. But when trouble strikes on the farm, and Emily refuses to expect her parents to cover the cost, two major sponsors instantly jump on board to save the day. Marc Jacob and Shasha Bread join together to give this teen a chance at a life changing experience.

How did this home town girl go so far in just a few months? With the whole world watching her journey, school, sports, work, problems with the farm, how will she ever get everything together? The pressure, the expectations, this is it. She is about to embrace the experience of a life time, will this whole hearted girl get lost in the spot light?

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