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Welcome to my town.

 I have spent my whole life growing up in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador. It has a population of approximately 14, 000 people, and is the largest city in Central Newfoundland. Grand Falls and Windsor used to be two different towns, but in 1991 they combined to create Grand Falls-Windsor. The mayor of Grand Falls-Windsor is Mr. Al Hawkins, who is one of the most well respected people in my town. He supports pageants, which is great to see. He MC’s the annual Miss Grand Falls Windsor pageant, which the town sponsors and supports the winner to compete in the provincial Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador pageant. Our MHA’s included The Honourable Susan Sullivan , and The Honourable Ray Hunter and our MP is The Honourable Scott Simms. These are three of the greatest people I have had the honour of meeting throughout my reign as Miss Teen Central.


The Salmon Interpretation Center

Abitibi Bowater, a paper mill that used to be in Grand Falls-Windsor, used to be one of the main economic sources for income, and a main reason for the placement of the town. Grand Falls-Windsor lies on the Exploits River, which is home to many camping grounds, swimming areas, and a popular area known as the Salmon Ladder. It is also a main source for logging. Now much of the economics depend on the hospital

The Grand Falls-Windsor Hospital

and many local businesses. It has a very diverse range of business, including many small specialty shops, and large franchises. The economics in Grand Falls-Windsor continue to rise based on new business coming to the town.




Grand Falls-Windsor is part of the Nova Central School District and as a resident of our town I have progressed through school system. This includes completing Kindergarten through Grade 3 at Woodland Primary, Grade 4 through 6 at Milcrest Academy, Grade 7 through 9 at Exploits Valley Intermediate and Grade 10 through 12 at Exploits Valley High, where I have just completed my Grade 11 year. 


Woodland Primary is the K-3 school in Grand Falls-Windsor


Milcrest Academy is the Grade 4-6 school in Grand Falls-Windsor

Exploits Valley Intermediate is the Grade 7-9 junior high school in Grand Falls-Windsor

Exploits Valley High is the Grade 10-12 High School at Grand Falls-Windsor


Salmon Festival,

This is the stage at Cenntenial Field, where Kiss will be playing July 9th

One of the biggest tourist attractions to Grand Falls-Windsor is the Salmon Festival Every year thousands of people travel to Grand Falls-Windsor to take part in things like Family Day, the Salmon Dinner, but most of all the concert. We have had many popular artists like Akon, Finger 11, and Headley, but this year on July 9th Grand Falls-Windsor is taking the Salmon Fest Concert to a completely different level. This year the headliner band is Kiss, and there is also singers like Fefe Dobson coming. For those of you who are thinking “Wow! She’s so lucky, I want to see Kiss” guess again, I leave for Miss Teen Canada-World, early the morning of July 9th. Bye-bye back stage passes. Sure, it’s slightly sad that I’m going to miss it. But truthfully Miss Teen Canada-World is so much better than a concert. 77 new friends, a new experience, an amazing week, or a concert. Truthfully, that decision is easy.

Gordon Pinsent Center of the Arts

Gordon Pinsent Center for the Arts

Another tourist attraction in the Gordon Pinsent Center for the Arts, which is also known as the Arts and Culture Center. It is home to many local artists who play there all the time. I have attended many shows there and volunteered at the door. Two of my favourites would have to be The Woman’s Film Festival and the Lesley Oak School of Dance Recital.


 Mary March Museum

The Mary March Museum teaches citizens about the heritage and their Beothuck past

If you want to learn about the past and heritage of Grand Falls-Windsor, the best place to learn is the Mary March Museum. Many schools in central Newfoundland visit this museum for school trips. It can teach many things, about our pasts, and our heritage which originated with the Beothucks and Mic’maq.


Many sponsors throughout my town have supported me though this journey. And this experience wouldn’t be possible without them. My Sponsors include:
  •  Hamer Farm
  • Stagg Signs
  • McDonalds
  • Sieana’s Spa
  • Laura Gushue Photography
  • Sandra Finch Photography
  • Marsh Motors
  • Alteens Jewellers
  • Penny Paving
  • Grand Toyota
  • The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Shur Gain
  • Tech Resources
  • Exploits Valley Animal Hospital
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Newfoundland Power
  • Kubota Newfoundland
  • Grace Whang Eye Clinic
  • Co-Operators Insurance
  • Advertiser
  • Dumphy Investments  

Four members of the Cataracts Hockey team, that I got the oppurtunity to meet at the Special Olympics

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